Webwire: HP seeks Autonomy probes; Nokia lifted by Lumia sell out

HP is seeking probes into whether software firm Autonomy inflated its valuation ahead of its acquisition of the firm in 2011, after being forced to book a $5 billion (€3.9 billion) charge on the software company in its most recent quarterly results.
Nokia shares got a 5% bump after the company revealed its new Lumia 920 smartphones are selling out in many locations across Germany.
Researchers from Toshiba and Cambridge University have developed a method for using quantum cryptography to secure fiber networks without needing a dedicated fiber link to send the quantum keys.
Apple and Google's Motorola are discussing entering arbitration to negotiate a patent cross-licensing deal that would resolve their multiple legal disputes.
Samsung has won another chance to convince US trade agency ITC that iPhones and iPads infringe its patents, with the full ITC bench agreeing to a full review of the early decision in favor of Apple.
Indian telecom dispute tribunal TDSAT has ordered Vodafone India to refrain from blocking incoming SMS messages from subscribers of rival Tata DoCoMo, at least until TDSAT hears Tata's appeal against the block. Vodafone accuses Tata of owing it millions in unpaid termination fees.
A Facebook spokesperson denied rumors the company is in talks with Yahoo over entering a search partnership, but confirmed it is working on improvements to the site's search functionality.