Webwire: Intel demos biometrics; iPhone sells out in hours

Intel is bringing biometric sensors in consumer electronics a step closer, after demonstrating the technology at a developer event last week.
Apple ran out of pre-order stock for the iPhone 5 just one hour after it started taking orders through its site.
HP chief executive, Meg Whitman, says the company is working on a smartphone, stating the move is inevitable as the devices become most users’ first computing device in many parts of the world.
Vodafone may take a provision to cover the legal risks of fighting a $2.2 billion (€1.6 billion) tax claim by India's tax department. The operator has previously resisted setting aside any cash in the dispute.
Google has declined a request from the US White House to pull a controversial YouTube clip criticizing Islam that sparked anti-American protests in the Middle East. But the search giant has censored the video in two more countries – India and Indonesia.
Barrett Brown, a high-profile member of hacking group Anonymous, has been arrested in Dallas and turned over to the FBI.