Webwire: iPad 2 cooler than iPad 3; Nokia patents vibrating tattoo

Tests of Apple's iPad 3 show the device can run up to 13 degrees Fahrenheit hotter than the iPad 2 while playing games.
Nokia has filed a patent in the US covering the concept of pairing tattoos to a mobile device and making it vibrate to communicate alerts.
Google has three weeks to explain how it will use consumer’s data in France, following a change to the search giant’s privacy policy.
India's Supreme Court has rejected an application from the government to review its verdict that Vodafone is not required to pay a $2.2 billion (€1.6 billion) tax bill.
Korea Telecom plans to increase its annual investment by 20% in 2012, as it aims to catch up to its rivals in terms of LTE coverage and adoption. Executives have agreed to take a 10% pay cut if they miss their LTE targets.
Sales of Microsoft's Windows Phone smartphones outpaced Nokia's Symbian platform in Britain, with Microsoft's share of the market increasing to 2.5%, according to research from Kantar.
A vandal is believed to be responsible for knocking out 21,000 phone lines, 9,000 broadband services and a few towers, by cutting a fiber cable owned by Australian operator Telstra.

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