Webwire: iPhone 4S up in flames; Didier Lamouche next ST-Ericsson chief

Australian transport and aviation authorities are probing the near meltdown of an iPhone 4S on a domestic flight. The unit glowed red and began to melt before being doused by a fire extinguisher.
Didier Lamouche will become chipmaker ST-Ericsson’s third chief executive since 2009, when he takes the reins on December 1. Outgoing chief Gilles Delfassy remains as an advisor until April.
Mobile software developer SPB Software is now under the ownership of Russian search engine Yandex, which is seeking to boost its wireless business.
Sony EVP Hiroshi Yoshioka says the firm plans to increase sales of medical equipment screens and other non-consumer products in a bid to return to profitability.
Japanese utility firm Tokyo Electric Power (Tepco) is selling its 8% stake in KDDI for around 186.3 billion yen (€1.7 billion). The cash will be used to cover compensation payments relating to a nuclear power plant destroyed by a tsunami in March.
Huawei is negotiating with a workers union in Algeria, after local staff walked out in protest at administrative changes.