Webwire: ITC examines Apple ruling; Microsoft goes social

The US ITC will review one of its judge's findings that Apple has violated a Motorola patent with the iPhone and iPad, and consider whether to order an import ban. A federal judge has meanwhile thrown out a separate patent battle between the companies for a second time. 
Microsoft will pay $1.2 billion (€959 million) to acquire in-company social network Yammer, which currently has around five million users.
Ukraine's two largest mobile operators - Kyivstar and MTS - have reached a new interconnection agreement, ending a dispute that has been brewing since Kyivstar cancelled their previous arrangement.
India's IT ministry has unveiled the next generation of the “world's cheapest tablet.” The 2,263 Rupee (€32) Aakash 2 will have a faster processor, longer battery life,and run the latest version of Android.
US operator Verizon Wireless has agreed to a deal to sell some spectrum rights to T-Mobile USA, and swap some other frequencies, as it seeks to gain regulatory approval for a spectrum acquisition deal with domestic cablecos.
SK Telecom subsidiary SK Planet has signed up five million users to its mobile payment platform Smart Wallet in the two years since its launch.