Webwire: ITC judge seeks huge Samsung bond; LGE seeks Samsung ban in SK

A US ITC judge has recommended that Samsung be made to post a bond equal to a whopping 88% of the value of any smartphones found to infringe Apple patents, should it lose this front of its legal war with Apple, and wish to keep selling the devices in the US market.
LG Electronics has fired a legal salvo seeking to ban Samsung from selling its Galaxy Note 10.1 in South Korea. LGE is accusing Samsung of infringing on three LCD patents with the tablet's display.
China has detailed new rules aimed at imposing tighter controls on the internet, including legalising the deletion of posts containing information deemed illegal, as well as requiring microblog users to register using their real names.
A Reuters investigation suggests a close partner to Huawei in Iran allegedly offered in 2010 to provide HP equipment to the nation's incumbent mobile operator, Mobile Telecommunication Co, in violation of international sanctions.
Bharti Infratel on Friday commenced public trading on the Bombay Stock Exchange after completing a 41.7 billion rupee ($762.6 million) IPO on December 17. But it has been a bumpy debut, with the share price falling a sharp 13% on the first day of trading.
China's ICT ministry has predicted that the nation's mobile operators to add 100 million 3G subs and 25 million broadband users in 2013.
Pakistan on Saturday briefly lifted a block on YouTube that had been imposed since September, but only to test a new filtering system designed to selectively block material deemed blasphemous. When the filter proved ineffective, the site-wide ban was reimposed.