Webwire: ITC plans MS-Moto patent review; AT&T backs down on data caps

The US ITC has agreed to review its preliminary ruling in a lawsuit by Microsoft accusing Motorola Mobility of infringing seven patents.
US operator AT&T has relented on its policy of capping its remaining unlimited data users once their consumption places them in the heaviest 5% of data users for a given month, after customers demanded more clarity. The cellco will instead cap speeds once usage exceeds 3GB for the month.
NASA was hacked 13 times last year, including one attack on its Jet Propulsion Laboratory that left the China-located hackers with full functional control over the lab's networks.
A German court has thrown out lawsuits from Apple and Samsung that assert ownership of the “slide to unlock” smartphone patent
Tajikistan has ordered ISPs to block access to Facebook and two local websites that posted an article criticizing president Imomali Rakhmon.
Vodafone India has expanded its management team, creating the new roles of chief operating officer and chief commercial officer, and hiring four new operations directors as it sets the stage for an IPO.
New Zealand subsea cable startup Pacific Fibre and partner TE SubCom have completed a permitting study for their planned cable linking Australia, NZ and the US, and are now ready to study the marine route.