Webwire: ITU misreads patents; RIM readies LTE tablet

A US judge has revived InterDigital's patent violation lawsuit against Nokia, finding that the ITC erred in its definition of key terms in two of the patents.
RIM will launch an LTE version of its PlayBook tablet in its home Canadian market on August 9, ahead of an international launch.
A team of “Wi-Fi police” are patrolling the London Olympics, scanning for unauthorized Wi-Fi hotspots and personal access points that would allow attendees to circumvent BT's exclusive rights to sell Wi-Fi access at the event.
Norway's Telenor has escalated the row with estranged Indian partner Unitech, by seeking to auction the Uninor joint venture and migrate its Indian business to a new company.
Apple is asking the US judge overseeing the company's court battle with Samsung to declare its patents valid and infringed, as a sanction against Samsung publishing evidence which it had been denied from using in its arguments.
The US will formally oppose bids by China, Russia and others to expand the authority of the ITU to regulate the internet, branding the proposal a threat to the net's open nature.