Webwire: KPN investors courted; Apple, Moto patent case imminent

America Movil is set to push KPN investors to accept a takeover bid in a strategy call today. KPN chiefs are urging shareholders to reject the bid, which values the firm at €8 per share.
Apple is due to testify against Motorola Mobility today, in a patent court case that was originally thrown out by a judge who then u-turned on the decision.
Belgian incumbent Belgacom is preparing to acquire IPTV systems integration rights from Nokia Siemens, as it looks to take control of future development of the platform.
Mobile subscriber numbers hit 266.3 million in the Middle East during 1Q12, after growing by almost 70,000 per day during the quarter.
Chinese microblogging site Sina Weibo is seeking to return to profit by charging users 10 yuan (€1.24) per month for premium features, including page personalization and additional security.
Huawei is the largest exhibitor at the CommunicAsia conference in Singapore, as the firm seeks to leverage the event to push its global brand ambitions.