Webwire: LightSquared seeks bankruptcy protection; Former Yahoo chief fights cancer

US wireless startup LightSquared has filed for bankruptcy protection, after failing to gain regulatory clearance for its wireless network.
Former Yahoo chief Scott Thompson revealed he has cancer shortly before quitting the firm over the weekend. Thompson was under pressure due to irregularities in his resume.
A source claims the first Intel-based Windows 8 tablets will reach the market in November, and will run Intel’s Clover Trail Atom chip.
Chip maker Nvidia and venture capital firm Intellectual Ventures have snapped up 500 wireless patents from IPWireless, covering 3G and LTE technologies.
Japanese cellco NTT DoCoMo is planning a large scale trial of a cloud based smartphone translation service, as it edges towards a commercial launch in 2013.
New software developed by a Russian company is designed to prevent bit torrent users from downloading copyright material by flooding peer-to-peer networks with false information.
A Miami zoo is using iPads to help orangutans communicate with humans as part of their mental stimulus exercises.