Webwire: Microsoft closes Messenger; EU to end e-book probe

Microsoft is ditching its own-brand instant messaging system in favor of a version by Skype, some 18 months after acquiring the VoIP market leader for $8.5 billion (€6.6 billion)
European regulators plan to close an e-book pricing antitrust probe, after accepting an offer from Apple and other publishers to lift pricing restrictions on content from Amazon, sources claim.
Apple has revealed it sold three million units of the iPad mini and the fourth-generation full sized iPad in the first three days following launch - double the opening weekend sales of the third-generation iPad in March.
The European Commission has decided to compel member states to introduce policies by mid-2014 that will allow 2-GHz spectrum assigned for 3G services to be refarmed for LTE.
Megaupload co-founder Kim Dotcom has revealed an ambitious plan to resurrect a failed NZ$400 million (€258 million) Pacific Fibre project to build a fiber connection linking New Zealand, Australia and the US.
PCCW has lost a UK trademark lawsuit against BSkyB, which recently launched an online TV service called NowTV, the same name as PCCW's offering in Hong Kong. A UK high court found that PCCW's registered copyright is invalid, plus there is no risk of confusion to consumers.