Webwire: Microsoft sales beat forecasts; HP strategy chief retires

Microsoft beat estimates with a 7.3% increase in its fiscal first quarter sales (calendar 3Q) to $17.4 billion (€12.6 billion), and grew net profit from $5.41 billion to $5.74 billion year-on-year.
HP won’t seek a replacement for strategy and technology chief Shane Robison, who is retiring on November 1.
Parachute-panted 80s rapper MC Hammer is launching a new search engine, WireDoo, which claims to differentiate from the competition by providing “deep search” capabilities.
MetroPCS is shaping up as the most likely buyer for assets put on sale by AT&T and T-Mobile USA in a bid to gain clearance for a planned $39 billion (€28.3 billion) merger between the pair.
A $7.25 million (€5.2 million) deal for Google to migrate City of Los Angeles employees to Google Apps has been delayed and scaled back because of security concerns raised by police and other public safety departments.
Microsoft, Silver Lake Partners and the Canada Pension Investment Board are preparing a joint bid for Yahoo.