Webwire: Mobitel launches LTE; DoT may let services continue

Sri Lanka's Mobitel has announced the launch of the nation's first LTE network, following successful trials in May 2011.
India's Department of Telecom is working on several last-minute proposals to allow mobile providers facing the loss of their licenses on January 18 to continue operating after the deadline.
A law requiring Kenyan mobile operators to ensure they have registration data for all their uses went into effect on Friday, giving regulator CCK the power to fine operators 300,000 shillings ($3500) per unregistered SIM left on their network.
Chinese regulators have fined six display companies – LG, Samsung and four Taiwanese vendors – a total of 172 million yuan ($27.6 million) for allegedly fixing prices of flat-panel screens exported to Chinese manufacturers.
Pakistan last week shut down mobile services for several hours on a key Shiite holy day. This marks at least the fourth service suspension ordered since the September protests over anti-Islam film Innocence of Muslims.
Vodafone UK has launched a new scheme offering “nearly new” smartphones – refurbished devices which prior owners had given up within a 7-day returns policy – for substantial discounts compared to new phone sales.
Former New Mexico governor Bill Richardson and Google's Eric Schmidt appear undeterred by the US State Department's objections on the timing of their planned North Korea visit, with Richardsonstating that the trip is on for this week.
A UK company has started streaming surveillance footage from web-enabled store security cameras into Australia. Prospective monitors can pay a small monthly fee for access to the streams, with the promise of being paid up to £250 ($330) per month for reporting shoplifting or bad behavior.