Webwire: Motorola tackled over FRAND; Apple sued over Siri

A European Union document reveals Motorola Mobility initially demanded Apple license its full patent portfolio to access essential patents. Apple claims its refusal to agree to the demand resulted in Motorola taking legal action.
A US man is suing Apple, claiming the company has intentionally misrepresented voice assistant Siri's capabilities in advertising about the iPhone 4S.
The US, EU and Japan have filed a joint complaint with the World Trade Organization over China's escalated export restrictions on rare earths.
Encyclopaedia Britannica is abandoning print for online-only delivery. The books have been in continuous print since the first edition in 1768.
Free speech advocacy group Reporters Without Borders has added Bahrain and Belarus to its list of “enemies of the internet,” and India and Kazakhstan to its list of “countries under surveillance,” due to moves by the countries to restrict internet access and content.
BBC News   
A British parliamentary committee has called on the government to address EC concerns about high roaming costs within the EU.
Australian operator Telstra is supplying satellite phone, internet and broadcast services for a project by film director James Cameron to dive to the deepest part of any ocean in a custom-built submarine, and film the expedition.