Webwire: MS faces EU threat; Yahoo buys mobile startup

The EU has warned Microsoft to modify the method it will use to offer new European users a choice of default web browser in Windows 8, or risk further antitrust action.
Yahoo yesterday acquired Stamped - a mobile startup that enables smartphone users share details of restaurants and music – as it seeks a turnaround through mobile.
Samsung has lost the preliminary round of a US ITC patent case filed by Apple. with a judge finding that Samsung infringes on four Apple patents. If the findings are upheld by a full commission, Samsung may be barred from importing infringing products into the US.
LG Electronics swung back to a 220.5 billion won (€155 million) profit for the third quarter, as the vendor's flagging smartphone business showed signs of a revival. But revenue fell 4% year on year, in a result attributed to declining feature phone sales.
Nuance Communications has launched a beta version of a mobile assistant for Android based on its Dragon speech-recognition software range. The app provides functionality similar to Apple's Siri.
Huawei has promised to become more transparent in Australia, offering unrestricted access to its source code and designs, in a bid to assuage the security concerns that led to a ban on the company participating in the state-run NBN project.


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