Webwire: MS objects to Nortel auction; Viom ditches IPO plan

Microsoft has petitioned the bankruptcy court overseeing the sale of Nortel patents to force the winner of the June 20 auction to honor existing licensing deals. Microsoft has a royalty-free and ostensibly perpetual license to all Nortel's patents. HP, Motorola and Nokia have also filed objections. 
Tower company Viom Networks has shelved plans for an up to 60 billion rupee (€928 million) IPO, citing unaccommodating market conditions and an unwillingness for majority shareholder Tata Group to dilute its stake.
Apple may be notorious for using lawsuits to protect its brands, but the shoe is on the other foot with now it is being sued by US-based online phone service provider iCloud Communications over the name of its iCloud services.
The sophistication of an attack on the International Monetary Fund's systems on June 12 leads security researchers to speculate it may have been conducted by a nation state.
France Telecom subsidiary Telkom Kenya is tipped to conclude a deal to form a telecom tower management joint venture with Safaricom within three months.
Google yesterday spent an estimated $400 million (€276 million) acquiring online ad firm Admeld, making the company its sixth largest purchase so far.