Webwire: Nasdaq pays back Facebook brokers; LinkedIn passwords hacked

Nasdaq plans to offer $40 million (€31.8 million) in compensation for brokers whose orders were delayed or disrupted during the Facebook IPO. But rival exchange NYSE warned that the proposal is anti-competitive and would set a harmful precedent.
Social networking site LinkedIn confirms some of its users' passwords have been stolen and leaked online, but has not revealed how many. Reports claim more than six million passwords have been compromised.
Facebook has started offering a mobile-only “sponsored stories” package through its self-serve advertising market.
British parents are more concerned about their children being exposed to inappropriate marketing on social media sites than they are about traditional broadcast channels, a mother’s group claims.
Australian defense minister Stephen Smith reportedly left his delegation's laptops and smartphones in Hong Kong before traveling to mainland China, in a bid to protect the devices from being “compromised.”
Samsung will “vigorously oppose” Apple's request for a court injunction on Samsung launching its Galaxy S III into the US market, and insists that the US launch will go ahead as planned.