Webwire: Nepal to issue 3rd GSM license; India clears reserve price cut

China's Ministry of Industry and Information Technology plans to introduce stricter regulations governing mobile apps, including requiring app store operators to submit to a registration or licensing process.
US-based Sprint Nextel has offered $2.90 per share for the 49% stake in Clearwire it does not yet own. But analysts expect shareholders to hold out for a higher premium than the 5.5% the bid represents.
Google Fiber not a one-off: Schmidt
Google chairman Eric Schmidt said the company's Google Fiber experiment in Kansas City is not just a one-off, and the company hopes to eventually extend the service to more US cities.
French regulators have fined mobile incumbents France Telecom and SFR a combined €183 million ($239.3 million) for allegedly restraining competition by offering unlimited on-net call plans between 2005 and 2008.
The US Federal Communications Commission plans to recommend a dynamic spectrum sharing scheme, whereby airwaves can be leased out to different companies at different times and locations, in a bid to boost spectral efficiency in the face of swelling demand for mobile data.
Vodafone AU staff accused of “SIM stacking”
Several sales representatives for Vodafone Australia have been accused of artificially inflating their commissions by “SIM stacking,” whereby they convinced subscribers to business packages to take unneeded extra SIMs, in order to be able to claim higher monthly sales totals.