Webwire: Nokia N9 launch imminent; iPad smugglers slide into China

A countdown timer on Nokia’s Swedish page indicates its MeeGo-powered N9 will hit stores on September 23. The unit is likely to be the first, and only, device to run the operating system.
In what could have been a scene in a heist movie, six smugglers have been caught using a zip line - fired from a crossbow - and pulley system to traffic 50 iPad 2s and 50 iPhone 4s across the water from Hong Kong into China.
RIM’s BlackBerry Messenger service has become the focus of blame for helping teenagers organize riots and looting in London over the weekend, replacing former prime suspects Facebook and Twitter.
Softbank president Masayoshi Son is forging ahead with plans to establish an affiliated company to deploy “megasolar,” wind and geothermal power plants in Japan, to help wean the nation off nuclear power.
Chinese online video sites Youku and Sohu have struck deals with US media giants Disney and CBS to legitimately stream some US TV programs in China. Hollywood studios are thought to be pursuing more deals to profitably break into the market.
HP has shaved $70 (€49) from the price of its TouchPad tablet just one month after launch, making it cheaper than an entry-level iPad.
Turning forward the clock on many modern smartphones opens loopholes in games that can be exploited by hackers, a ten year old girl revealed to a conference of her peers in the US.