Webwire: Nokia seeks smaller UK offices; Alca-Lu boss faces discontent

Nokia is downsizing its UK head office with a move from the suburbs to central London, as part of a plan to cut 4,000 jobs globally.
Alcatel-Lucent shareholders are already considering replacements for chief Ben Verwaayen, after a recent cut to the firm’s profit forecast
Apple fears losing up to $2.7 billion (€2 billion) if a German court sides with Motorola Mobility in a patent violation claim against iCloud.
A financial pundit has accused US operator Clearwire of warning it may skip a debt payment as a “near-term ploy” to win financial support from Sprint Nextel or another potential backer.
Amazon is selling its Kindle Fire tablet at a loss. An IHS iSuppli teardown reveals parts and manufacturing costs of around $201.70 (€149.91) compared to the $199 retail price.

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