Webwire: Nokia smartphone exec quits; Windows 8 launch date set

Nokia’s smartphone strategist, vice president of product marketing Ilari Nurmi, has quit the firm a matter of weeks after investors expressed disappointment with the launch of the Lumia 920 device.
Microsoft plans to launch its Surface tablet and associated Windows 8 software in the US at midnight on October 25.
Apple’s strict guidelines on iPhone 5 production resulted in around 4,000 staff striking at a Foxconn factory in China last week. The walkout came shortly after another Foxconn facility had to close following a riot.
A US judge on Friday heard opening arguments from music giant EMI and startup web firm ReDigi over the latter’s right to trade second hand digital music. The case is tipped to set a precedent regarding digital media ownership.
Microsoft failed to make it four of four in smartphone patent suits against Motorola Mobility on Friday, when a German judge ruled in favor of the latter in the latest litigation between the pair in the country.
Apple’s poor mapping service is the only flaw in its new iPhone 5, according to Consumer Reports – the firm that slammed antenna problems in the iPhone 4.