Webwire: Nokia WP7 images leaked; Hacker group disbands

Details of Nokia's first Windows Phone 7 device, codenamed the Sea Ray, have been leaked. CEO Stephen Elop and staff demonstrated the handset, which is very similar in design to the N9, at a presentation last week.
Hacker group LulzSec is disbanding as details of the group, including leaked private logs, begin to emerge.
An investment advisory firm says RIM shareholders should vote in favor of splitting the co-CEO position into separate roles at the firm’s AGM next month. Glass Lewis & Co claims the current structure is inadequate.
Electronic Arts is the latest gaming firm to report the loss of customer data to hackers. No credit card details were revealed, however the cyber attack gleaned customer’s names, passwords and date of birth.
Bouygues Telecom has asked the State Council – France’s highest court – to block proposals that will see telcos compensate digital TV viewers for interference from 4G signals. The telco argues the requirement will cost operators up to €1.7 billion.
A trio of private investors are closing in on a deal to buy web domain registration firm GoDaddy for up to $2.5 billion (€1.7 billion)
India's Bharti Airtel has paid the final installment in a $10.7 billion (€7.5 billion) acquisition of carrier Zain’s African mobile assets.