Webwire: Nortel hacked for a decade; Proview turns screw on Apple

A former Nortel security veteran alleges that hackers had widespread access to the firm’s internal networks, emails and documents since at least 2000, and that Nortel failed to act on the breach up until its 2009-10 break-up.
Chinese electronics firm Proview is turning the screw on Apply by seeking a customs block on iPad shipments in and out of the country. The firm claims it owns the devices’ moniker, and its action has already seen some of the tablets removed from shops.
Angry Birds, the most downloaded mobile app in 2011, is now available on Facebook, as developer Rovio targets a billion users.
Talks between Yahoo, Alibaba and Softbank regarding the sale of Yahoo's Asian assets – including most of its stake in Alibaba - have fallen apart.
HTC is in the running to be one of the first external companies to receive certification from Sony to run PlayStation games on its mobile devices.
India's telecom minister, Kapil Sibal, says the government does not plan to censor social media, despite last year leaning on web companies to implement a system to pre-censor offensive posts.