Webwire: NSN backs away from Iran; Apple mulls flash chip buy

Nokia Siemens is following Huawei’s lead in deciding to stop seeking new business in Iran, and to reduce its existing commitments in the nation.
Apple is eyeing a buyout of flash storage technology developer Anobit for up to $500 million (€383 million). Anobit chips already feature in iPhones and iPads.
Google is leading US web firm’s efforts to convince politicians to reject an anti-piracy bill that would allow the government to order companies to stop dealing with foreign sites suspected of piracy.
Facebook plans to make its first move into mobile advertising by the end of March.
The US National Transportation Safety Board is calling for an outright ban on using mobile phones and other internet-connected devices while driving – including hands-free headsets or speakers – after 3,000 people died due to such distractions in 2010.
Google is offering a before-and-after virtual walkthrough of areas in Japan hit by an earthquake and tsunami in March, using its StreetView service.