Webwire: OTE seeks Telekom Srbija exit; Hackers reveal UN e-mails

Greece's OTE is in talks to sell its 20% stake in Telekom Srbija back to the Serbian government in a bid to raise cash and cut debt.
The UN claims no active passwords are on a list of 100 e-mail addresses published by a hacker group calling itself TeamPoison.
Scientists say men shouldn’t worry about research suggesting the use of Wi-Fi on laptops can damage sperm, though they do recommend further investigation.
Toyota has unveiled a concept car modeled on a smartphone, complete with a full-size display and touchscreen doors.
Australia faces running out of mobile numbers with the prefix 04 by 2017 – some ten years earlier than originally anticipated.
Microsoft has produced a HTML5 mobile website that mimics the interface of Windows Phone 7.5, for users of Android and iOS devices.