Webwire: Patents key to Alca-Lu value; Virgin talks free London Wi-Fi

Revelations that Alcatel-Lucent's patent horde could be worth more than the loss-making company itself, is fuelling speculation it is considering a break up.
The UK's Virgin Media is in talks about deploying a free - if slow - Wi-Fi network across London, to compete against rival BT’s paid-for service.
The UN Development Programme has teamed up with Movirtu for an innovative scheme to improve communications in developing countries – providing users with a “cloud-based” mobile numbers that can be logged into via any mobile phone.
China’s People’s Daily newspaper has derided claims the government was behind a spate of hacking attacks on foreign governments and companies, in the closest so far to an official response to claims made by McAfee last week.
Around 45,000 Verizon Communications wireline staff – roughly half its workforce – are taking strike action in a dispute over new contracts and pension payments.
India's DoT is under pressure to enable security agencies to intercept BlackBerry encrypted communications, after granting RIM several extensions.
“Spam king” Sanford Wallace has turned himself in to the US FBI, after being accused of mounting a campaign to steal Facebook account details and use them to post spam on other user’s accounts.
HTC is acquiring US mobile web apps company Dashwire for up to $18.5 million (€12.8 million), in a play that could help it defend against future patent lawsuits.