Webwire: Philips cautious after huge losses; Twitter enables censorship

Consumer electronics manufacturer Philips is bearish on its prospects in 2012, after losing €1.29 billion in 2011 – the firm’s largest loss in around a decade.
Twitter has developed the ability to censor tweets on a per-country basis, if asked to by a national government. But the move has drawn the ire of free speech campaigners.
Shares in Juniper Networks fell 3% after it predicted 1Q12 profit of $11 cents (€8 cents) to $14 cents per share, far less than analysts’ consensus forecast of $27 cents.
NEC plans to cut 10,000 jobs as losses grow due to intense competition in Japan’s mobile phone market. Net loss in the nine months to end December hit 97.5 billion Yen (€968 million) compared to 53.6 billion in 2010.
Apple’s component suppliers are benefitting from a record fiscal 1Q12 (calendar 4Q11) from the vendor, with assembly firm Hon Hai’s stock growing 7%, iPhone case manufacturer Catcher Technology up 6.9%, and lens maker Largan Precision up 6.6%.
A leading European MP has quit in protest at new anti-piracy legislation, signed late last week by 27 member states. Kader Arif says the process of signing the bill lacked transparency and excluded the public.