Webwire: RIM unveils BB10 prototypes; Samsung aims to almost double profit

RIM has unveiled prototype versions of hardware and software using the upcoming BlackBerry 10 platform, its latest and greatest hope for a turnaround.
Samsung Electronics has hiked its operating profit target for the financial year to around 30 trillion won (€20.1 billion.) This compares to the vendor's operating profit of 16.25 trillion won in 2011.
Nigeria's telecom ministry has signed an MoU to form a public-private partnership with Nokia, to pursue initiatives aimed at stimulating the nation's ICT sector.
The UK's Advertising Standards Authority is widening a probe into Apple's marketing of the cellular version of the new iPad as “4G,” even though it is not compatible with UK LTE networks.
India's Bharti Airtel has handed Huawei a contract covering the design and management of an LTE network in the Karnataka region. The vendor already manages Bharti's 4G network in Kolkata.
Egyptian operator Mobinil swung to a first quarter loss of 74 million Egyptian pounds (€9.2 million), due to higher depreciation and amortization costs.
Facebook plans to start the roadshow for its IPO on May 7, meaning its shares could start public trading on May 18.