Webwire: Romania fines Vodafone, Orange; Huawei battles for 3Leaf

Romanian anti-trust authorities have doled out fines totaling €63 million to Vodafone and Orange for abusing their dominant positions in the market.
Huawei has stunned US law experts by ignoring a recommendation from the nation's foreign investment overseer, Cfius, to walk away from the disputed acquisition of server firm 3Leaf. The vendor will instead appeal its case to Obama.
Google is being sued in New York by VoIP provider VoIP Inc, which is accusing the search firm of stealing confidential information including source codes and algorithms while designing Google Voice.
Taiwanese sources claim Apple plans to increase the screen size of the next-generation iPhone to four inches, in a move to counteract Android's growing presence in the larger-screen smartphone segment.
Progress is finally being made towards Thai private operators offering 3G, with state-owned CAT deciding it has the authority to give DTAC approval to provide HSPA services.
The Canadian government will appeal a court ruling that Orascom's Canadian subsidiary, Globalive, should be barred from offering services under the Wind Mobile brand because it lacks sufficient Canadian ownership.
Ericsson said it had deployed the world's first 450MHz CDMA EVDO Rev B network, offering download speeds of up to 9.3Mbps, for Scandinavia's Net1 / ice.net.
India 2G scandal may hit outsourcing market Outsourcing hit by Indian 2G scandal The fallout from a 2G licensing scandal in India has thrown over $1 billion (€739 million) worth of planned outsourced IT deals into jeopardy, as the deals are based on telcos projected revenue growth.