Webwire: Rovio ponders HK IPO; Novell-MS suit ends deadlocked

Angry Birds maker Rovio is considering an IPO on the Hong Kong exchange. The Finnish firm is aiming for a 2013 date if it does decide to pursue the offer.
A US judge has called a mistrial on Novell's $1.3 billion lawsuit against Microsoft over former product WordPerfect and its compatibility with Windows, after jurors were unable to come to a unanimous verdict.
Canadian operator Telus has forecast an up to 6.5% increase in 2012 revenue and 12% increase in 2012 earnings per share, on the strength of demand for data services.
US operator Verizon Wireless has arranged, pending regulatory approval, to buy spectrum licenses covering around 28 million people from cable operator Cox Communications for $315 million.
The Christmas smartphone sales period is expected to be a two-horse race between iOS and Android, with analysts closely watching whether the successful iPhone 4S will be enough to propel Apple back into the lead.
Samsung is manufacturing the A5 processor used in Apple's iPhone 4S and iPad 2 at a new $3.6 billion plant in Texas in the US.
Australian competition regulator ACCC is planning an inquiry, effectively into whether Telstra should be forced to provide a wider range of wholesale ADSL services at regulated prices.
The Israeli man which operates social media optimization firm Like Store has legally changed his name to Mark Zuckerberg, in a bid to discourage Facebook from following through with threats to sue him for violating the Facebook TOS.