Webwire: Samsung eyes top mobile rung: WP7 sales "very small"

Samsung hopes to overtake Nokia to become the world's number one mobile vendor, and aims to ship over 330 million phones – including 100 million smartphones - this year. But executives acknowledged the need to “keep an eye on our Chinese rivals.”
Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer has admitted that sales of Windows Phone 7 have been “very small,” but still claims that millions of phones using the OS have been sold to consumers.
China claims to have made strides in a crackdown on pirated goods, shutting down 12,854 counterfeit goods manufacturing plants since late October, and ensuring that all central government agencies are using legally acquired software.
TelstraClear has abandoned plans to launch 100Mbps services in Wellington, citing a lack of demand. The company also withdrew a 100Mbps offering in Christchurch after attracting only a handful of customers.
RIM's shareholders have re-elected the board, despite discontent over its executive structure, and mere hours after an analyst suggested that the company would do better if divided into a networks and handset business.
Around 35% of US adults own a smartphone, and 25% of these claim to do the majority of their web browsing via their handsets, according to a recent survey.
Video game publisher EA will snap up social game maker PopCap - developer of Plants vs Zombies and other highly profitable titles - in a deal worth $750 million.
Telstra, smaller telecom service provider TransACT and Fujitsu have been selected as whole-of-government suppliers for internet-based networking services.