Webwire: Samsung profit breaks records; UK find no mobile cancer link

Samsung has reported a record 5.05 trillion won (€3.3 billion) in net profit for the March quarter, on the strength of its burgeoning handset business.
The UK's Health Protection Agency says there is still no conclusive evidence using mobile phones causes cancer, or other health risks.
Two former Sun Microsystems CEOs have given conflicting opinions about whether Google was required to license Java APIs, during an Oracle's intellectual property lawsuit.
The US FTC has hired a high-profile outside litigator in connection with its antitrust probe into Google, signaling that it is willing to take the search giant to court.
Amazon's loss-leading strategy for its Kindle Fire tablet appears to be paying off by stimulating more sales of digital goods – the company roundly beat analysts' expectations with its quarterly results.
Samsung will include a quad-core processor with a clock speed as high as 1.4 GHz into the next iteration of its Galaxy smartphones.