Webwire: Samsung won't take on Facebook; Judge will hear Apple's case

Samsung denies reports it is planning its own Facebook-like social network, but does plan to upgrade a current family-oriented information sharing service
A US judge has backtracked on a decision to refuse permission for Apple to request an injunction on sales of some Motorola Android smartphones, scheduling a hearing for next week to allow both parties to state their case.
The UK's National Audit Office has determined that controversial settlements the tax office reached with major corporations including Vodafone were “reasonable,” despite complaints they unfairly benefited the companies.
Baidu will share search advertising revenue generated from Chinese iPhone users with Apple, as part of a deal to include Baidu’s search engine in an iOS software update for the nation.
Reports claim licenses for Microsoft's ARM-compatible Windows RT OS will cost vendors $80 (€63.34) to $95 per tablet, which could prevent devices using the platform from effectively competing with the iPad on price.
India's Tata Communications will acquire a stake in Prizm Payment Services, to bolster its payment services businesses.