Webwire: Sony sorry for data leak; ZTE hits back at Huawei

Sony executives have apologized for last week's PlayStation Network intrusion and for delays in revealing the customer data breach to the world. The company is offering free content including a 30 day membership to a premium PSN service as compensation
ZTE has countersued Huawei over alleged patent violations, one day after Huawei filed suits in European courts.
Nortel has received US and Canadian court approval to auction off its patent hoard. The sale will now take place on June 20 using a $900 million (€608 million) Google bid as the baseline.
Dell has its eyes set on the medium-sized business sector as the next new market for its services business, which is fast becoming the main focus of the company, founder and chief Michael Dell states.
Leaked emails between new Google CEO Larry Page and products executives reveal Wi-Fi location data is a central pillar of the firm’s mobile strategy.
India's Vodafone Essar has backed auctions of 1Mbps blocks as the most efficient way of allocating more spectrum to current operators. In a submission to a telecom ministry query, the company said delinking spectrum from licenses is the way forward.