Webwire: Spain tackles file sharers; KPN finance chief resigns

Spain cracks down on file sharers
Spain’s government is implementing new laws requiring internet service providers to block access to file sharing websites. The country is responding to US pressure to clamp down on the activity.
KPN finance chief quits
Dutch carrier KPN is appointing two temporary finance chiefs to replace outgoing CFO Carla Smits-Nusteling, who quit in protest over a new management structure.
Twitter buckles under New Year load
Social networking site Twitter saw out 2011 with service failure after being overloaded with messages celebrating the New Year.
LightSquared wins 30 day reprieve
US operator LightSquared has 30 more days to gain regulatory approval for its 4G network, after planned partner Sprint Nextel extended a December 31 deadline for the clearance.
India seeks advice on message intercepts
India’s Department of Telecommunications is tapping the expertise of Interpol and US security agencies to help intercept messages on encrypted services from firms including RIM, Google, Nokia and Skype.