Webwire: ST-Ericsson takes advice; UK researching 5G

Ericsson and ST-Microelectronics have commissioned an adviser to help them decide the future of loss-making chip joint venture ST-Ericsson. While a sale or break-up of the venture was not specifically mentioned in the release, the options have not been ruled out.
The UK government and a consortium of companies including Huawei, Samsung and Telefonica will invest in a “5G innovation centre” at the University of Surrey.
Vodafone may get a break in its battle with Indian tax authorities, with a high-level government panel issuing a draft report recommending that, ideally, transactions should not be taxed retroactively, and that interest and penalties should not apply in any retroactive tax claims.
In perhaps the most extreme case of bill shock on record, a Frenchwoman was accidentally charged €11.72 quadrillion in a phone bill from Bouygues Telecom. She actually owed €117.21.
Sources say LG Electronics is in talks with Google over becoming the third vendor to produce a Nexus smartphone in collaboration with the Android owner.
Sources say HTC has taken steps to reduce its reliance on Samsung, its smartphone rival, for components including screens and image censors for use in its own smartphones.
Cloud gaming service OnLive sold for just $4.8 million (€3.7 million) during a pseudo-bankruptcy process, despite analysts previously suggesting valuations for the business and its assets of up to $1.8 billion.

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