Webwire: Telecom Italia stake costs Telefonica; Yahoo chief’s credentials queried

Telefonica may be forced to take a €400 million charge on its 10.5% indirect investment in Telecom Italia due to the impact of the Eurozone crisis, an analyst predicts.
Investment group Third Point has demanded that Yahoo hand over records relating to the recruitment of CEO Scott Thompson, as part of a bid to oust the executive due to discrepancies in his education records.
Research indicates that Android developers are only earning the equivalent of $24 cents (€0.18) for every dollar earned by iOS app developers.
India's Competition Commission has launched an antitrust probe into the market dominance of Google's AdWords service, and may expand the investigation to other Google services.
Credit card firm MasterCard has become the latest group to unveil plans for an NFC digital wallet system. MasterCard's system will be called PayPass Wallet.
Angry Birds developer Rovio earned $100 million (€76 million) in sales revenue in 2011, and is now considering a public listing.
HTC’s revenue fell 20% year-on-year in April, as a result of growing competition from the iPhone 4S and Samsung handsets.