Webwire: Telecom workers shield equipment; RIM recalls PlayBook

Libyan telecoms staff will act as human shields against further NATO attacks on the country’s communications infrastructure, a spokesman said Monday. One operator claims attacks to date caused 1.5 billion dinars (€881 million) of damage.
RIM has recalled 1,000 PlayBook tablets to correct a fault in the operating system that could prevent devices from loading software after initial set-up.
Almost half (46%) of Swedes aged under 35 use music streaming service Spotify, almost 10% more than listen to commercial radio stations, research by TNS Sifo shows.
Google estimates it drove $64 billion (€45 billion) worth of US economic activity in 2010, with its AdWords service generating $8 in profit per $1 spent.
The New Zealand government has made progress passing a bill that would exempt the UFB fiber broadband project from pricing regulation for ten years, with a parliamentary finance committee agreeing to the plan.
A US court has rejected an appeal by the Winklevoss twins to nullify a multi-million dollar settlement they had negotiated with Facebook in 2008 to settle claims founder Mark Zuckerberg stole their idea for the social network.