WEBWIRE: Telenor calls for clear Indian rules; Apple plans video ban

Telenor’s Asia Pacific chief Sigve Brekke is pushing Indian regulators to issue clear guidance on the issuance of mobile licenses, to prevent a repeat of a scandal over the sale of 2G licenses and promote consolidation among the country’s operators.
iPhone users face being prevented from shooting video at music gigs as part of a patent application filed by Apple. The patent covers an infra-red technology designed to offer additional information in venues including museums, but that could also be used to block images being shot.
Philippines carrier Smart plans to launch a 4G network in major cities by the year end, offering typical data rates of 50Mbps and peak rates of 100Mbps.
A trio of UK operators plan to launch a mobile payment joint venture that will focus on developing technology based on NFC technology. Vodafone, O2, and EverythingEverywhere plan to launch the venture by the year end.
China Telecom claims a new content server established in Australia will boost its services across Asia Pacific.
German incumbent Deutsche Telekom is axing 150 jobs in the Netherlands in a bid to cut costs.
O2 refuses to sell RIM’s PlayBook tablet in the UK due to dodgy service quality, but may sell future versions of the device.