Webwire: Termination rates win Telcel fine; Iran accuses Siemens

America Movil's Mexican mobile subsidiary, Telcel, has been fined 12 billion pesos (€715 million) by antitrust authorities for engaging in monopolistic practices regarding call termination rates.
The head of Iran’s civil defense claims Siemens helped the US and Israel perpetrate a cyber attack on its nuclear facilities, after the German firm’s control kit was hit by the Stuxnet worm.
South Korean search engines NHN Corp and Daum Communications have asked the nation's Fair Trade Commission to probe Google, alleging that they have been prohibited from pre-installing their search tools on Android phones.
Chinese social media site RenRen has confirmed plans to conduct a US IPO, with a goal of raising $675 million (€471 million) – higher than the $500 million rumored.
The UAE’s national telecoms regulator will clarify the rules on consumer’s use of BlackBerry’s enterprise e-mail service, following reports the nation is considering restricting access to medium and large businesses only.