Webwire: Tweets jeopardize Olympics; Motorola banned in Germany

Attendees at the London Olympics have been asked to take it easy on the sending of SMS and tweets, because the sheer volume of traffic has been impacting television coverage of the event.
A German court has granted Microsoft's request for an injunction on sales of certain Android-based Motorola Mobility smartphones in the market, after finding that Motorola breached Microsoft patents related to the FAT file system.
Google has admitted it is still in possession of some Wi-Fi packet data from the UK and other European countries, despite previously claiming that all the data erroneously collected by its Street View fleet had been wiped.
Apple has agreed to pay $356 million (€290 million) to acquire fingerprint reader company AuthenTec, in an apparent bid to bolster its security capabilities.
Twitter has disabled photo sharing app Instagram's access to its friends API, forcing Instagram to get rid of the “find friends” feature within its mobile app.
The board of Thailand's CAT Telecom has approved the proposal to increase its investment in the Asia-Pacific Gateway subsea cable to $51 million (€41 million).
Korea Telecom has admitted that the personal data of some 8.7 million customers - roughly half of its 17 million mobile subscribers - has been stolen by hackers. Police have arrested two suspects in the breach.