Webwire: UK cyber crime cracks €30b; Virgin flaunts TiVo registrations

Cyber crime costs the UK £27 billion (€32.1 billion) per year, with businesses taking the bulk of the hit, new government statistics show.
Virgin Media chief Neil Berkett says 50,000 users have pre-registered for a TiVo broadband and interactive package.
Updated search functionality from Google promises simpler access to content flagged by friends on social networking sites.
China Telecom has launched a project to deploy fiber between all of China's cities within three years, and all family, government and enterprise users in the cities of southern China by 2015.
Australia's NBN Co will purchase spectrum in the 2.3GHz and 3.4GHz bands currently held by TV broadcaster AUSTAR for A$120 million (€89.3 million), for use in the fixed-wireless broadband component of the NBN.
Thai satellite service provider Thaicom widened its 2010 losses to 788.9 million baht (€18.9 million)), from 471.2 million baht the year before, due to slumping revenue from its Cambodian and Laotian mobile businesses.
Vodafone Australia is offering free national calls and SMS to prepaid subscribers hit by an outage in the carrier’s credit recharge systems.
Analysts predict that the number of Chinese citizens bypassing the nation's Great Firewall to join banned-in-China Facebook will double to around 1.4 million over the next six months.
Warner Bros has come up with a novel way to digitally distribute its films – it is offering the first five minutes of Dark Knight and Inception free in an iPhone app, with the rest of the movie available through an in-app purchase.
Scientists warn that a massive solar flare that has disrupted shortwave radio transmissions in southern China, may interfere with satellites and power grids over the next few days.
NTT Com and partners including the University of Tokyo have started trials of a cloud-based mobile app designed to monitor calorie intake and offer adjustments to exercise routines based on the data.