Webwire: UK newspapers hit by hackers; Huawei aids India security

Hacker group LuizSec attempted to take down the websites of two UK newspapers in protest at their coverage of the arrest of 19 year old Ryan Cleary, who police say is a major player in the group.
Huawei will help the Indian government set up a facility that will test the security of imported telecom gear, documents show.
A new service aims to plug security gaps in Facebook that allow applications to share user’s details with corporations. Social Monitor, an extension for Web browsers, uses color codes to detail the level of information each app automatically transfers.
Apple will launch the iPhone 5 in September, fitting the same processor as the iPad2, the forthcoming iOS 5 platform, and a higher resolution camera.
Two protagonists in a protracted court battle over Facebook ownership have vowed not to take further action against the firm. The Winklevoss twins abandoned plans to appeal the ruling of several lower courts that a 2008 settlement must stand.
HTC plans to launch an Android-based 4G smartphone and tablet in South Korea on July 1.