Webwire: UK rural broadband off-par; BB10 well received by carriers

The UK’s economic development is in peril due to slow and limited broadband access in rural areas, a countryside enterprise group claims. The Country Land and Business Association also warns government coverage and speed targets are unlikely to be met by 2015.
RIM bosses say mobile operators are responding positively to demonstrations of its delayed BlackBerry 10 operating system, which the vendor plans to release on ten continents in 1Q13.
US carriers AT&T and Verizon are preparing to trial cloud-based gaming services with Time Warner Cable in 2013. The service is tipped as a danger to traditional games console manufacturers.
After taking a series of hits, Motorola Mobility and Samsung have dodged a legal bullet from Apple. A German court has found that the defendants don't violate an Apple patent covering a mobile OS' response to touch events.
Iranian authorities have restricted access to Google search and Gmail “until further notice,” prompting outrage from some of the nation's web users.
China is on the verge of reaching 200 million 3G subscribers, three years after the allocation of the country's first 3G license, data from the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology shows.
Foxconn has shut down a factory which manufactures consumer and automobile electronics, after a brawl broke out involving 2,000 workers. Foxconn said the incident began as a personal dispute and then escalated, but doesn't appear to have been work related.