Webwire: UK subs play more; Amazon prepares Android store

A third of subscribers in the UK and US have played a mobile game in the past month, though the activity is more popular with UK users, research by PopCap shows.
Amazon plans to launch an Android app store this month, to compete with Google's own Android Market.
Etisalat’s long-running attempt to acquire African operator Zain is in tatters, after National Investments – a major Zain shareholder – withdrew backing for the deal.
Bharti Airtel subsidiary Airtel Zambia plans to launch the country’s first 3G network in Q2. The carrier has spent $54 million (€39.1 million) to install an initial 151 base stations across the country.
Verizon Wireless could stop offering unlimited iPhone data plans as early as the second quarter, with its CFO admitting that the $30 service (€22) aimed to draw users from AT&T is “not a long-term solution”.
Google will debut a new web-based in-app payments platform for Android apps in May, only a few weeks after the delayed debut of in-app payments for Android Market.
A forthcoming updated Firefox Web browser presents a credible third choice to consumers, working two to six times faster than the current version and promising a user experience on-par with Google’s Chrome, reviewers state.