Webwire: US stalls Galaxy tab; Google moves into tablets

A US judge has ordered a preliminary injunction on Samsung selling its first-generation Galaxy Tab 10.1 in the market, in response to Apple's patent infringement case against the vendor.
Google has unveiled its own-branded tablet, the Nexus 7, that will run on the Jelly Bean version of Android and be designed to integrate with the online store Google Play.
Apple has finally launched iTunes in 12 Asian markets - but not in the most populous nations of China, India or Indonesia. Analysts believe factors including piracy rates and IP rights protection are behind the decision to leave out the markets.
New Zealand mobile challenger 2degrees - which launched services in August 2009 - has recorded an NZ$81.9 million (€52.1 million) operating loss for its second full year of operation. But the company expects a breakeven ebitda this year.
US-based streaming video provider Netflix has asked US politicians to prevent the nation's cable providers from introducing internet data caps for their subscribers as a means to squeeze out OTT competition.
As many as 90% of Thai companies have been hit with data loss or system downtime in the last 12 months, due to the use of ageing IT hardware and software systems, a study conducted by storage vendor EMC claims.