Webwire: Vendors ready for spending slowdown; Motorola beats Apple

Telecom equipment makers are bracing for an expected decrease in mobile network infrastructure spending in 2012, with some smaller vendors already issuing profit warnings.
The ITC has issued a preliminary ruling rejecting Apple's claims Motorola Mobility infringes three of its wireless patents.
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The US Federal Trade Commission plans to extend an antitrust probe into Google's business practices to include new social network service Google+. The FTC is investigating whether the firm’s services get preferential treatment in its search results
The Obama administration will not support the USA's controversial proposed SOPA anti-piracy law, stating that it would reduce freedom of expression, increase cyber security risks and undermine internet-based innovation.
SingTel's Australian subsidiary Optus has joined the ranks of Telstra rivals calling on competition regulator ACCC to demand changes to the incumbent's structural separation undertakings (SSU), the rules Telstra will agree to abide by while it migrates its customers to the country’s National Broadband Network.