Webwire: Vodafone in for new India tax battle; Google to sell out of Clearwire

Vodafone has initiated another tax battle with the Indian government, this time over “transfer pricing issues” in a tax demand covering a transaction between Vodafone India and other Vodafone group companies.
Shares in US wireless broadband operator Clearwire slumped 6.8% on Friday, after Google revealed it plans to sell its 6.5% stake in the operator for $1.60 per share – less than a tenth of the price it paid for them.
Irish cable TV and broadband provider UPC Ireland lifted its broadband subscriber base by 28% and its telephony subscriber base by 68% during 2011.
Cybersecurity researchers have discovered an exploit in the Android OS enabling malicious hackers to take control of a user's phone, if they click on a web link in a spoofed email or SMS.
Apple will buy Chomp, an Australian mobile search engine start-up, for a reported $50 million.
Bradley Manning, the US army intelligence analyst accused of transferring thousands of classified or confidential documents to Wikileaks, has deferred a plea in his first court-martial hearing.
Hollywood studios are becoming encouraged by the growing proliferation of movie and TV streaming services, believing that more competition makes it easier to get a better content deal.
Indonesia's PT Dian Swastatika will pay 1 trillion rupiah ($111 million) in convertible bonds for a 15.4% stake in CDMA-based carrier PT Smartfren Telekom.