Webwire: Windows boss leaves Microsoft; Nokia offers Apple maps

The head of Microsoft’s Windows business, Steven Sinofsky, has left the firm. Speculation is rife his sudden departure is due to a battle with current chief executive Steve Ballmer, given Sinofsky was tipped as a potential replacement in that role.
Nokia is apparently vying for a spot on Apple’s iPhone as a map application provider. The vendor has rebranded its navigation service as Here, and has reportedly already submitted an app into Apple’s approval process.
RIM has revealed it will launch its new BlackBerry 10 platform simultaneously in multiple countries on January 30. The vendor is pinning its hopes on the OS for a turnaround.
Apple has been ordered to pay Samsung's UK legal fees on an “indemnity basis,” as a slap on the wrist for its “lack of integrity” in not properly complying with an order to post notices of the court's verdict that Samsung didn't copy its registered tablet design.
Sources claim Samsung has hiked the price it is charging Apple for application processors by 20%, and that Apple has been forced to accept the increase because it could not find a replacement supplier capable of delivering the scale it needs.
US antitrust regulator FTC is reportedly pressing Google to offer remedies in the next few days to overturn alleged anti-competitive practices, or to face legal action.