Webwire: Yahoo plans hefty job cuts; App Store downloads reach 25b

Sources say Yahoo is considering cutting a significant percentage of its staff, likely to number in the thousands, as it grapples with declining online advertising market share.
Apple has awarded a gift card worth $10,000 (€7,581) to a Chinese customer credited with downloading the 25 billionth app from the App Store.
Michael Jackson’s entire back catalog is among 50,000 files allegedly stolen from Sony Music by a pair of UK-based hackers.
A US Senator is calling for a Federal Trade Commission probe into Apple and Google’s privacy policies, following a New York Times report that claims iOS and Android applications can upload photos without the user’s consent.
The liability of web service providers in New Zealand is being tested for the first time, as a medical practitioner sues Google for defamation. His case relates to the display of a libelous online review from a third-party site, which appeared in Google search results.
US operator Verizon rejects claims by rival T-Mobile USA that a planned $3.9 billion (€2.9 billion) acquisition of spectrum from a group of cable companies will impede competition.
Insiders at the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) say the body is already processing ten complaints against cyber squatters who have registered .xxx domains using the names of notable companies and people.
Indian regulator Trai proposes allocating struggling state-owned operator BSNL an initial 6 billion rupees (€90.7 million) to fund its loss making fixed-line business in rural India, and then set an annual subsidy figure after a consultation.